Frequently asked questions regarding kneaded bliss and massage in general. What were you expecting, the meaning of life?


What is mobile/outcall massage?

Mobile or Outcall massage means that instead of you driving in traffic and dealing with parking, we come to you at your hotel, home or vacation rental. No hassles, no getting dressed and having to drive home in a fog. We arrive about 5-10 minutes before the appointed time, set up, provide your requested massage service, clean up, and leave you in peace to relax or go about your day.


Yikes, my home is a mess/I don’t think I have enough space!

We’ve seen it all, we really don’t care and most of all, we respect your privacy.  As for space, we need the equivalent of a twin size mattress with about 2-3 feet all around. We’ve performed massage in a home office, living room, bedroom, stair landing and even a kitchen/dining room. Of course, if it’s a beautiful day and you’re so inclined, the massage may be done outside on your patio or in your backyard.


This is my first time getting a massage. What should I expect?

Your therapist will arrive about 5-10 minutes before your appointed time to set up. Have the space cleared, turn your phone to silent and have children occupied if possible. You want this to be a relaxing time for you. Once the table is set up, your therapist will leave the room so you can undress and slip between the table’s fitted sheet and top sheet. You will start off face down, placing your face in the cradle- a round cushion with a hole in the middle. Your therapist will knock/call out to enter. She will place her hands on your back and do some massage techniques to warm up your muscles before working deeply (if needed/wanted). She will start with your back and neck, then lower back, then proceed to your feet, legs, and glutes. After working all your muscles, she will remove the bolster from behind your legs and have you turn over while she holds the sheet maintaining your modesty. She will have you scoot down the table so your head is not resting on the cradle. She’ll place the bolster back under your knees and work your feet, calves, and thighs before moving on to your arms, hands, shoulders, neck, and finish with a relaxing face/head massage. Once the session is completed, she will take down the table, settle payment, book your next appointment and be out of your way. If at any time during the session, if you want her to work more deeply or lighten up on the pressure, just let her know.


Am I supposed to talk during my massage?

Beyond letting us know what you want or ask us to modify pressure, don’t feel obligated to talk. This is YOUR time. Some folks like to zone out, others want to carry on a conversation. We’re happy to chat if you want us to, but will otherwise remain silent so you can float away while we knead out the knots.


I’m ticklish/I hate having my feet/head/face worked on.

No worries, just let us know if you want us to avoid or concentrate on certain areas.


What is draping?

Draping is the method of keeping one covered during massage. It’s required by the state and is enforced. Draping is simply a top sheet over your body, strategically tucked and untucked as needed to access the area being massaged. Your modesty and privacy are maintained at all times. If a sheet is too much/hot, we can use a towel, but you must either be draped or wear boxers/undergarments. No exceptions.


Do you do abdominal or breast massage?

We do abdominal massage upon request, but we aren’t certified in breast massage. We’re happy to provide a referral for that.


So, do you, umm, provide happy endings?

Sorry, we’re not a fairy tale. No happy endings here. What we do provide is a fantastic professional massage. If you’re looking for more than that, we ask that you move on.


Is there any time I should not receive a massage?

Yes- when you have a cold or flu it is not advisable to receive massage. Certain medications, especially painkillers, may make massage contraindicated (not advised)- check with your doctor and let us know if you take any meds. If you’ve had too much sun or too much alcohol, refrain from massage. Of course, if you have a contagious rash, wait until it clears. Last thing you want is to have it spread. Your body and your therapist will thank you.


I’m self conscious about my scars, eczema, psoraisis, amputations, weight.

Massage therapists appreciate the body in all forms, shapes and conditions. We aren’t bothered by non contagious skin issues, scars, amputations or your weight. We accept everyone as they are, divine beings and honor each person with compassion and non judgement. If you have a condition, let us know- we hold everything in strict confidence and will let you know if massage is contraindicated or needs a physician’s approval.


What should I wear? Will I be naked?

If you’re receiving chair massage, you’ll remain fully dressed. If you’re receiving a full body massage (i.e. Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage) it’s best to disrobe to your level of comfort. You will be fully draped at all times- only the body part being worked on will be exposed and we always maintain your modesty and privacy. Many people wear underwear or go completely nude- it’s totally up to you. Your therapist will use massage lotion/gel so if you wear undergarments, make sure you don’t mind getting any residual lotion on them.


Can you use my music, lotions?

Of course. That’s the beauty of mobile massage- we come to you in your own environment. If you prefer specific music or have your own, just let us know. This is YOUR time. As for the lotions, most of the time we can accommodate your request, but know we have a wide range of lotions, gels, creams, oils- all unscented, paraben and nut oil free. These are specifically designed for massage therapy. Many commercial lotions/creams don’t have the grip/glide necessary. Of course, if you want a scented lotion, we offer a selection of scents we can customize for your session.


What if I don’t like the pressure, I’m uncomfortable, it’s too hot/cold?

This is YOUR time. Let your therapist know immediately if you are uncomfortable in any way. We’ll check in with you before and soon after the session starts, but we don’t believe in endless chatter disrupting your relaxation, so please speak up. We won’t be offended, we are here to be of service. We are happy to accommodate your comfort needs.


How often should I receive massage?

It’s different for every person. It depends on your goals, your current situation, and let’s face it, your budget. There is no set recommendation. If you’re highly stressed, work out intensely, or just really love massage, twice a month or more may be what you need. For many, it’s a once a month treat. For others, once every 2 months.  Discuss your needs with your therapist. They will help you determine what might work for you.


What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We understand that everyone has something come up once in a while. We ask that you give us 24 hour notice so we may fill that time with another client. If we have to cancel (extremely rare!), you will be given 15% your rescheduled session for your inconvenience.


I have a dog or cat- are your therapists okay with animals?

Yes, we’re fine- we love animals.  No allergies on our part.


Who is Kneaded Bliss?

See our About Us page.


Ok, what is the meaning of life?

Well, grasshopper, in a nutshell, we have no idea. If we ever scale that mountain and find those answers, we’ll be sure to post it here.  In the mean time, we’ll keep doing what we were meant to do: be of service and provide a kick ass massage.


I don’t see my question answered.

Well, if it’s about math, you never will. If it’s about massage or Kneaded bliss, use our Contact Us form. We’ll get back to you ASAP. No math word problems, please- we’re still traumatized by those trains going 35 mph and 65 mph.






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